Study Abroad Consultants
Must Clearly Distinguish Between Programs

Many aspirants approach study abroad consultants for guidance on which program to pursue overseas. However, we often see consultants using terms like IT and IS interchangeably without understanding their distinct focuses. This results in students receiving misguided advice.

IT vs. IS - Know the Key Differences

Information Technology (IT) focuses on implementing technology to solve business problems. Courses include programming, data structures, web systems, databases. Careers are in software engineering, app development, systems analysis.

Information Systems (IS) focuses on using IT and business principles for organizational processes. Courses cover business analysis, strategy, project management. Careers include business analyst, systems analyst, IT consultant.

While IT and IS overlap, their core focuses differ. Mixing up these programs gives students incorrect perspectives and defeats the purpose of guidance from consultants.

Provide In-Depth Career Counselling

Consultants must invest significant time to understand each program’s curriculum, skills developed, and career trajectories to clearly distinguish between them. Only then can they guide aspirants towards the best program fit.

Rather than using confusing tech jargon, consultants should explain program differences in easy-to-understand terms to students. Helping students see the big picture career outcomes for each program choice is vital.

With the right counselling approach focused on comprehending aspirants' interests, consultants can match students with the overseas program that ultimately furthers their career goals.

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