STEM vs Business Degrees for International Students
Career and Salary Prospects

International students looking to study abroad are often drawn towards two broad domains – STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) and Business degrees. But how do the career and salary trajectories compare in these fields? Let’s evaluate some key factors.

Career Options

STEM fields lead to specialised technical roles like data scientists, engineers, developers, whereas business opens up general management career paths in areas like marketing, HR, consulting, finance.


Salary Prospects

Salaries tend to be higher on average for STEM careers compared to business roles when entering the workforce. Software engineering and data science positions at technology companies tend to pay higher than non-technical business positions.


However, advanced business roles can quickly rise up the corporate ladder and command strong compensation packages at managerial levels. The peak earning potential differs based on strengths developed.

Industry Growth Outlook

STEM skills are highly in demand across technology, healthcare, finance, and other sectors driving economic growth. Business degrees are versatile, but need to be complemented with specialized knowledge. #careergoals

When weighing STEM versus business degrees abroad, assess your interests, career goals, salary expectations, and the programs’ industrial relevance in your country of interest. #studyabroad #EnvoyOverseas