How to Avoid Biased
Study Abroad Consultants ?

Studying overseas is a major investment. You want expert guidance tailored to your interests - not opinions biased towards a consultant’s own incentives.

Unfortunately, the study abroad consulting business has its share of unethical players who place their self interests above students’ career aspirations. Here are tips to identify and avoid biased consultants:

  • Beware of Excessive Pressure - Ethical consultants suggest multiple suitable university options for you to evaluate. High-pressure sales tactics to accept admissions at certain colleges is a red flag of bias.
  • Question Recommendations - Consultants get incentives for directing students to select universities. Probe consultants when they excessively push you towards certain colleges without sufficient justification.
  • Trust Your Instinct - During interactions, notice if the consultant genuinely listens to your requirements versus trying to sell pre-determined options. Go with your gut feel.
  • Don’t Ignore Mismatches - Review recommended universities thoroughly. If they don’t match your stated interests, confront the consultant about the mismatch before accepting the offer.

By spotting signs of bias early, you can avoid consultants acting in self-interest and find one aligned with your study abroad aspirations. The extra vigilance will protect your overseas education investment.

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