Evaluating On-Campus vs Off-Campus
Job Options for International Students Abroad

Pursuing part-time work while studying overseas provides international students not just financial benefits but also valuable exposure to understand workplace culture in their study destination. However, there are trade-offs to consider between opportunities for on-campus recruiting through university career fairs versus exploring general off-campus employment.

On-Campus Recruiting

One major advantage of on-campus job recruitment is that companies explicitly looking to hire students often relax work authorization requirements for internships and training programs.

Large renowned multinational companies and tech firms specifically target top campuses for recruiting international talent.


The university career center provides support in preparing your resume as per local norms and getting interview opportunities. The on-campus process is also smoother logistically.

Off-Campus Jobs

However, limiting yourself only to campus recruitment activities means missing out on many job openings for students in the general labour market.

Off-campus roles provide opportunities with smaller firms, startups, non-tech companies, and community organizations that have more flexible work eligibility options.


The key is researching state and city-level student work laws. Many off-campus opportunities allow international students to work 20 hours weekly or full-time during vacations.

Balancing Options

Utilize campus recruiting opportunities through career fairs and company info sessions. But also explore search engines, community boards, and local networks to find suitable off-campus employment aligned with your career goals.

A mix of on-campus and off-campus work experiences helps international students maximise skill-building while abroad.

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