Accounting vs Finance:
Key Differences for International Students

For international students looking to study business administration, two common degree choices are Accounting and Finance. But what are some key differences in skills gained and career pathways between these two options?

Core Focus

Accounting focuses on accurately recording, reporting, and auditing financial transactions of a business. Key skills covered include financial reporting, tax accounting, auditing, and compliance.

Finance is a broader field focused on managing money and assets. It deals with resource allocation, securities analysis, corporate finance, investments, portfolio management.

Career Paths

An accounting degree equips students for roles like financial/management accountants, auditors, payroll managers, tax consultants.

A finance degree prepares students for careers like financial analysts, investment bankers, portfolio managers, corporate treasurers, CFOs.

While accounting and finance degrees have some overlaps, recognizing their distinct outcomes helps students specialise appropriately based on interests.

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